A little bit about Lisa

Lisa Greenough at YogaPebbles

My passion for yoga began more than 10 years ago, when I was working full time as a Primary and Special Educational Needs teacher in Northamptonshire. Juggling a demanding job for 20 years, two young children plus family life had all started to take its toll on my mental, physical and emotional well-being. I was tired, regularly unwell and didn’t really know how to help myself out of this downward spiral.

How yoga found me

Having dabbled with yoga in my 20s at university, I had forgotten how amazing it had made me feel. A kind colleague suggested that I attend a yoga class with her to help me relax and I was hooked! When I stepped back onto my mat after all that time, I found I had an inner peace and stillness within myself, along with a new confidence to express how I was feeling on the inside. I soon found a regular practice and have since been inspired by many different teachers and teaching styles along the way.

Passing my love of yoga on

Such was the impact on me that I began introducing daily relaxation sessions to my school children in my class. Profound effects materialised!  The children were more relaxed and could discuss and manage their own emotions, as well as those of their friends and families. We started to connect on a much deeper level.

As my personal yoga practice grew, I knew I wanted to pass these skills on to other children and their families so in 2017, I attended the prestigious YogaBeez training course in London, and gained my first Foundation Level certificate to teach yoga to children.

YogaPebbles was born

Since then, I have gained my 95-hours Advanced Teens and Children’s Training Certificate with YogaBeez. I’ve also attended Yo’tism yoga training for children with additional needs, ASD and other neuro-divergences. I qualified as a Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aider.

In 2020, I graduated with my adult 200-hours yoga teaching qualification from Barefoot Body Training School, London, which celebrates embodiment and teaching from a trauma sensitive place.

I have been a guest teacher trainer for Creative Yogis teacher training in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

My adult classes are open to all and taught by invitational prompts, meaning everyone can find something that suits them within the practice. Rather than teaching a specific style of yoga, I like to think of my classes as eclectic, inclusive and inspired by my students. I am thrilled to be embarking on teaching adults. I have many more class ideas and offerings for you in the near future, including my Go Gently beginners series, which incorporates nourishing flow yoga, restorative yoga and blissful yin yoga.

My yoga journey

No matter how much I learn, I still feel I am on a journey of discovery. I am inspired by others, I will always be a student, I am always learning (and constantly reading!). I love to plan and research how I can bring the joy that yoga has bought to my life, to all of my yogs students. Yoga has, and continues to support me physically, mentally and emotionally through the very best and worst of times. I hope you find that it can support you too.

With love kindness and peace, Lisa x

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