About YogaPebbles

Like pebbles on a beach, each child is unique and should be encouraged to grow individually – as well become part of a special family of little Pebbles!

At YogaPebbles children’s yoga we aim to nurture little minds and bodies. We want to inspire young people to develop their personal, social, physical and creative qualities.

Each of our Northamptonshire YogaPebbles classes includes physical postures, breathing exercises and fun games – but also mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

We celebrate diversity and welcome all children, regardless of ability and needs.

Lisa’s passion for yoga took root more than five years ago, following 17 years as a Primary and Special Educational Needs teacher.

During her career, she was able to see firsthand the toll that modern life could take on young people and their families.

She began introducing daily relaxation sessions to her classes – with profound effects. The children were more relaxed and could discuss and manage their own emotions, as well as those of their friends. 

As her personal yoga practice grew, Lisa knew she wanted to pass these skills on to other children and their families.

In 2017, she attended the prestigious YogaBeez training course in London, where she gained her Foundation Level certificate to teach yoga to children aged two and up.

And YogaPebbles was born.

Since then, Lisa has gained her advanced teens and children’s training with YogaBeez, and attended Yo’tism training for children with ASD and other neuro divergences.

In September 2019, she will be embarking on her adult training with BarefootBody Yoga School.

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  • To bring a love of yoga to children and their families through classes that incorporate yoga poses, stories, themes, songs, emotional intelligence awareness and creativity.

  • To provide children and their families with the opportunity to express their own ideas in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • To help children and their families explore emotions and ways to understand and manage these.

  • To encourage children and their families to be active.

  • To help children learn about their bodies and how they work.

  • To link yoga poses to other school curriculum areas to foster a love of learning.

  • To increase opportunities for children and their families to co-operate and become more aware of each other needs.

  • To allow time for communication and reflection.

  • To recognise achievements in themselves and others.

  • To encourage yoga to be practised at home.

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