Yoga for Schools

I believe yoga has a fundamental place in schools. As a qualified Primary School Teacher, with 20 years working across mainstream – and for the last 10 years in Special Educational Needs – I have seen the need for yoga classes that support pupils’ mental and emotional wellbeing, and physical health.

I am already running successful YogaPebbles classes in schools and nurseries across Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. YogaPebbles offers workshops, Inset Days, assemblies and mini taster sessions educating pupils, staff and parents about yoga and its many benefits.

YogaPebbles’ Inclusive Yoga Policy

At YogaPebbles Children’s Yoga, I celebrate difference and diversity, and offer a ‘way-in for all children to access yoga. YogaPebbles has helped children with behavioural and emotional issues, Autism, ADHD, Attachment Disorder and those suffering from neglect and trauma. These classes have also supported children and young adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

YogaPebbles Pre-School and Nursery Classes are delivered through song, rhyme and play, while helping children to explore the movements of their bodies, and experience moments of stillness and relaxation in a safe and engaging way.

If you are interested in having YogaPebbles classes in your nursery school, contact me here or message via my Facebook page.

YogaPebbles Primary School Yoga is taught through stories, adventures, games and play. Classes incorporate many areas of the National Curriculum and are age appropriate. I teach children’s anatomy, physiology and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

YogaPebbles can offer your school regular yoga classes within the curriculum as part of PE or PSCHE lessons, an after-school or lunchtime club. I also offer classes to meet the needs of children with specific needs such as those with behavioural and emotional challenges. 

I can support those children whose families are in receipt of additional funding through the Pupil Premium scheme. These classes can be run in smaller groups, or 1-2-1.

I have Full Qualified Teaching Status, so can also cover Teachers PPA and release time. 

If you are interested in having YogaPebbles classes in your Primary School, contact me here or message via my Facebook page.

YogaPebbles runs yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and wellbeing days for secondary schools and college students. I am already running classes for teens across Northamptonshire and the surrounding area. 

These classes are specialised and meet the needs of children developing into adulthood. Students are taught different postures, sequences of movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques – and advised on cautions and benefits. Regular classes are an ideal way to support students prior to exams and also benefit those transitioning onto the next phase of their education. 

If you are interested in having YogaPebbles classes in your Secondary School or College, contact me here or message via my Facebook page.

This is the perfect addition to a school’s ‘Wellbeing Week’ or as a one-off. I can offer a 30-minute class of yoga fun, breathing and relaxation. These mini classes can run back-to-back throughout a day, according to your timetable, so that all year groups experience some yoga and mindfulness techniques. I encourage adults to join in too, and learn skills they can replicate back in the classroom. 

If you are interested in a YogaPebbles Wellbeing or Inset Day, contact me here or message via my Facebook page.

My ‘Introduction to Yoga’ Days for teachers and teaching assistants are a perfect way to introduce yoga to your school team. 

Staff will be given a taster of the many benefits that yoga can bring to their classroom. Training options include: Nursery/Pre-school from 2 years, Primary Reception to Year 6 and Secondary Year 7 to Year 12.

A Half Day (2-3 hour) Training/Inset Day for Teachers session will cover:
  • A basic understanding of yoga.
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques.
  • Basic yoga poses to teach in your classroom.
  • The basic principles of teaching a successful class.
  • How to link the curriculum to yoga through storytelling and adventures. 
  • Relaxation methods and the benefits leading up to tests, exams and performances. 
A Full Day (4-5 hour) Training/Inset Day for Teachers session will also include:
  • Example lesson plans.
  • How to run an ‘inclusive’ yoga class.
  • Access to an online yoga community for support and ideas.
  • A list of resources.
  • Suggested music for lessons.

These YogaPebbles Inset Days will enable schools to incorporate yoga within their curriculum – and they can be customised for your school.

If you are interested in having a YogaPebbles Training or Inset Day in your school, contact me here or message via my Facebook page.