Yoga for Schools

YogaPebbles yoga for schools

I believe yoga has a fundamental place in schools. As a qualified Primary School Teacher, with 21 years working across mainstream – and for the last 10 years in Special Educational Needs – I have seen the need for yoga classes that support pupils’ mental and emotional well-being, and physical health.

I am already running successful YogaPebbles classes in schools and nurseries across Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. YogaPebbles offers workshops, Inset Days, assemblies and mini taster sessions educating pupils, staff and parents about yoga and its many benefits.

I am proud to have been working with schools for a number of years now on their well-being programmes and supporting their staff to help the pupils in their care. Working with children in small nurture groups who have been identified as needing that extra bit of support with their emotional understanding, their behaviour or their physical health is all part of my role in schools. I also deliver yoga as part of New Leaf Learning, an outdoor learning programme for children with trauma at Courteenhall estate. 

See below to find out more and do drop me a message or email to arrange a meeting for your education setting. 

YogaPebbles’ Inclusive Yoga Policy

At YogaPebbles Children’s Yoga, I celebrate difference and diversity, and offer a ‘way-in for all children to access yoga. YogaPebbles has helped children with behavioural and emotional issues, Autism, ADHD, Attachment Disorder and those suffering from neglect and trauma. These classes have also supported children and young adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.