Mindfulness for kids!

The phrase “be more mindful” is so regularly used now it can be hard to remember what mindfulness actually is!

Here I explain what it is and how you can start to practice mindfulness with your children to help with their self-esteem, confidence, sleep patterns and general well-being.

So what is it?

Mindfulness in simple terms, means merely bring your awareness to everyday activities so you can be fully present moment by moment. When we begin to pay attention to these moments in our day, we naturally feel calmer and more aware of our internal emotions which in turn can begin to help us cope with the fast paced society we are all immersed in.

So what mindfulness activities can you do with your child?

  • Mindful eating- share a meal with the first 5 minutes in silence. Notice the colours and textures of the foods you are eating and feel the sensations in your mouth. You’ll be surprised at the intensity of the flavours and how much slower you eat! You could also think about the “journey” that the food has been on to get to your plate!
  • Mindful walking– go on a walk in the park or even around your garden, maybe in bare feet ! Notice your feet on the ground, the smells and sounds around you, the shape of the clouds in the sky or the leaves blowing soflty in the breeze. Notice the weight and temperature of your feet on the grass, Breathe in , breathe out…..
  • Mindful breathing- lie down and place a small cuddly toy (beanie babies are great for this ) onto your tummy. Close your eyes and feel your tummy rise up as you inhale and fall away as you exhale. See if you can feel the toy moving on your tummy., This deep belly or diaphragm breathing will really help to settle your mind and switch on your parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a sense of calmness and stillness throughout the whole body.

So .. why not give some of these a go and see if you can “be more mindful!”

I’d love to hear how you get on, drop me a message at lisayogapebbles@gmail.com

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