Mindful benefits of autumn

YogaPebbles autumn leaves

I’m gazing out at the beautiful autumnal colours of the trees while I write this.

Autumn is my favourite season – and is full of mindful benefits. I love the sights, sounds, smells, the outdoor activities and the sense of change and shifts that occur in nature.

They can occur in us too.

YogaPebbles autumn leaves

At this time of year, I try to stop and take a moment to embrace these changes and notice what is happening, internally, and externally outside my window.

The weather may turn, and we might start to feel we just want to withdraw away from the world – but being aware of this can help. As can good doses of leaf kicking, conker collecting, pumpkin carving and marshmallow toasting!

These are all beautiful, mindful activities that help support our minds and bodies. They help flood our brains with warm and happy serotonin or the “ happy chemical”.

I’d love to hear about your “happy mind” activities for a future blog so do please contact me.

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