A summer of self care

In my teens class recently, we focussed on self-care and what we can do to nourish our minds and bodies. We hear a lot about self-care in the media, but at its basic level it’s about having time for yourself to help you to function in the way you want to and fill up your cup so you are better able to help others. Ultimately, it helps you better enjoy every aspect of your life.

Self-care ideas to try

Here’s some ideas for a daily dose of self-love – but I’d love to hear about your ideas and techniques that help you relax and unwind:

  • Having a barefoot walk on grass or sand.
  • Giving yourself a hand or foot massage.
  • Running a bubble bath with some scented candles.
  • Getting up or going to bed 20 minutes before usual and incorporating some gentle movement into your day.
  • Sitting and just closing your eyes for 10 minutes to focus on your breathing.
  • Picking up your favourite book and letting your mind drift away into another place and time.
  • Buying yourself your favourite flowers.
  • Writing down things you are grateful for at the end of each day.

Another lovely way to bring some self-care to your summer is to incorporate Yoga Mudra and breath practice. Below is a short video I made on the Padma or Lotus Flower Breath to invite more joy and happiness into your life.


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