Autumn mindful practices to soothe

Autumn can be a tricky season to navigate. With children back to school and adults back to work after holidays. Then there’s a change in weather, and darker nights and mornings – not to mention external changes happening in the news at the moment – and it’s easy to become unsettled and feel unprepared.

Perhaps you can try a few of these quick techniques to support you this season:

  • Allow yourself to cancel plans.
  • Create some time to rest.
  • Take some tasks off your to-do list.
  • Spend time alone (this can help build resilience and empathy, and allow time for activities or creative projects just for you). 
  • Slow down (both your body and your breath).
  • Gather your cosy socks, blankets, candles and hot-water bottles in preparation for warming yourself from the inside out. 
  • Go for a walk among the leaves and trees: collect conkers, kick the leaves and re-discover your inner child.
  • Repeat to yourself “everything will be okay”, or another mantra that means something to you. It really helps.
  • Find some slower yoga shapes and flows such as peaceful warrior and supine tree (which is like tree, but created while you’re lying on the ground).
  • Press your hands to your heart in a butterfly shape (pictured below) and gently tap out a steady rhythm – this will help self-regulate your nervous system. 

I’d love to hear what you do to self-soothe? Contact me and share your thoughts.

lisa from YogaPebbles butterfly tapping

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