Feeling grateful for change

Changing times for Lisa at YogaPebbles

It’s been a dream of mine for many years to take YogaPebbles full-time – and finally, my dream has come true! Back in July, I hung up my lanyard for the last time and bid farewell to 21 years of classroom teaching.

It was extremely emotional and scary, but life is only here once and I’m here for it! After a fabulous summer in Florida with my family (much needed), I’m now proud to say that I’m working as a yoga teacher in three primary schools, one preschool, and one outdoor learning provision. I also run three community classes (soon to be four) and have two, one-to-one students every week. I absolutely love it!

Getting used to change

My body, however, is still getting used to all the physical teaching, and I still have moments where I panic and realise I’m responsible for all these offerings. But I’m sleeping so much better! I no longer have sleepless nights or feel mentally exhausted by the demands of a classroom teaching job.

I’m not sure where all this will lead me, but I know the path will be exciting, challenging and eye-opening. I’m saying to myself “be brave”!

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