New chair yoga and restorative classes

Chair yoga with YogaPebbles

Over the last 12 months, I have been busy practising ‘Svadhyaya‘ – the art of self study. This is part of the ‘Niyamas’, which are positive duties or observances for healthy living. They appear in the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali – a collection of Sanskrit sutras on the theory and practice of yoga. It has been fascinating reading and has allowed me to deepen my own practice and explore some new possibilities too.

Chair yoga

In particular, I have taken some new courses. These include a Sequencing and Flow yoga, and a three-month training course in Chair Yoga. Chair-based yoga can reduce pain and stress, increase flexibility and strength and is perfect for those with limited mobility, but is accessible for all. For example, it’s brilliant for anyone stuck at their desk all day. You can learn the tools for a lunchtime pick-me-up – without the need for a yoga mat!

Restorative yoga

In October 2021, I will also begin a five-day Restorative Yoga Training course with my yoga teacher training school. Restorative yoga is a practice of passive healing. With longer asanas (postures or poses) and deeper breathing, it helps elicit the relaxation response. This response can help slow breathing, reduce blood pressure and produce a feeling of calm and increased wellbeing.

I’m excited about these new learnings. It will give me the ability to offer some new classes in 2022. If you would be interested in receiving details of a chair based and/or a restorative yoga class please do let me know.

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