Restorative candlelit yoga

yogapebbles candlit yoga

It was a priviledge to welcome eight students to my taster restorative yoga session in December.

What better way to wind down to the Christmas break than with some beautiful restorative shapes and glowing candleight?

Participants were guided through a somatic check in, where we sensed where our body parts touched the floor. We connected our minds with our bodies by noticing our breath and our intention.

During the main part of the session, we moved in and out of five seperate shapes, which we held for four to five minutes while we focused on our breath. Props such as pillows, cushions, blocks and bolsters were used to nourish and support us in our stillness.

It was fantastic to share this style of yoga with my students after my five-day training with Barefoot Yoga Training. The feedback from the class has been really lovely, and I am keen to offer more of these classes in 2022.  Follow my social feeds and Blog for updates.

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