What is inclusive yoga?

YogaPebbles inclusive yoga

Inclusion has always been at the heart of everything I do – and I continue to try to teach from this place.

But what does inclusive yoga mean?

For a long time I have felt a desire to look out for those “on the outskirts”. The child who is quiet and unassuming, the colleague who quietly smiles and nods, the friend who seeks support. I think this is why I became a teacher. And particularly why I chose to work in the field of Special Education.

Since qualifying I have sought to find a place within my yoga teachings that offers options. A sense of feeling included. For me, inclusion represents equality, celebrating diversity and offering choice to all. The idea that my students can be invited to experience the joy of yoga in THEIR own way, without obstacles or judgements.

I have a long list of future trainings I wish to take in this field – and I am looking forward to offering my own Inclusive Yoga Training next year. But my ultimate hope is that when you come to a YogaPebbles class, you will feel included, held and supported to find what YOU need on YOUR mat.

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