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YogaPebbles yoga classes improve physical health and stamina. But they also nuture a strong mind!


The yoga classes are run by a fully-trained yoga teacher, who also has 15-years Special Needs and primary school experience


YogaPebbles helps minis, tweens, teens and adults slow down, find focus and calm their cluttered minds

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YogaPebbles provides a beautifully calm, relaxed environment for children where they can leave their worries at the door & concentrate on themselves

Susan Jeffs
Mum, Northampton

I have been going to YogaPebbles for a few weeks & I really love it! Lisa is really funny & everyone is kind. I would recommend it to all my friends

Elspeth Baker
Little Pebble, aged 8

My eight-year-old son & six-year-old daughter absolutely love YogaPebbles. They are both so content after sessions & I believe it benefits their personal & emotional development

Charlie Househam
Mum, Milton Malsor

My three-year-old & I really look forward to our monthly classes! Lisa takes us through well-thought out & engaging sessions in a calm & fun environment. I cannot recommend them enough!

Mum, Hunsbury Meadows

Lisa's mentoring program has given me direction and clarity. Lisa is understanding and a great listener. She has really embraced my vision and helped me gain confidence. I would have no doubt recommending her.

Sonia Robinson

Adult yoga with Yogapebbles is fantastic! And having opportunity to practise outside with Lisa just makes my heart sing. I can’t wait for regular classes to start up.

Ali Fortuna
Teacher, Northampton

I have tried many yoga classes – and Lisa's are by far the best. Lisa has a lovely, calming manner. She helps you work within your own capabilities, rather than expect you to get into positions and hold them forever! She explains everything in an easy to understand way.


"Yoga has finished already? It always goes so quickly and I really like my yoga time"

Little Pebble - age 11

Yoga has massive benefits for my daughter and that has not changed with the online sessions. They continue to allow her a bit of escape time. Lisa you are a fabulous yoga teacher!

Anna Blackwell

Lisa's yoga classes have taken me on a special journey of self-love! I have learnt the importance of keeping myself grounded and well nourished, and I truly recommend her classes.

Rose-Marie Golaub

YogaPebbles is amazing. Professional, excellent value for money – and you feel so at ease. My anxious daughter thoroughly enjoys using the techniques at home when she is worried. I would recommend to all!

Sam Tungate
Mum, Northampton

YogaPebbles' Family Yoga classes are so much fun for all ages. Lisa gives the kids techniques they can use in the big (sometimes manic) world outside - and it's great to positively connect together.

Fiona Lungley
Mum, Northampton

Lisa is an accomplished yoga teacher - bringing a uniquely inclusive and invitational approach to her teaching, which means her classes are highly accessible to all. Her classes are beautifully put together, no doubt helped by her 25-years as a primary school teacher! You leave each class feeling grounded and full of ideas for how to take your yoga into your daily life.

Alice Whitehead

I'm now teaching adult yoga classes

About yogapebbles

I’m Lisa. I set up YogaPebbles yoga classes to help nurture your minds and bodies. My classes offer a safe place for everyone, of all levels to have fun, be themselves, express their individuality and find calm in a chaotic world…

YogaPebbles is inclusive and we specialise in yoga for children with Special Educational or Physical Needs

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