Best Practice

At YogaPebbles we believe every child should be able to take part in yoga classes that are fun, non intimidating, safe and healthy. Please click the tabs below to find out more about our policies and best practice.

At YogaPebbles we believe that every child, young person, family, staff member or volunteer has the right to practice yoga in an environment where bullying is not tolerated and the correct procedures are in place should it occur. Click here to read our full Anti Bullying Policy

YogaPebbles takes inspiration from the Montessori methods of teaching, which are child centred and focus on the child’s innate sense to explore. Combined with more traditional teaching methods, a YogaPebbles class delivers experiences that incorporate the whole child and their age-appropriate educational development. Click here to read more about our Curriculum Links

Risks assessments will be made prior to each yoga class and are continual, variable and on-going. Click here to read our General Risk Assessment Policy

At YogaPebbles we believe that every child, young person, family, staff and volunteer has the right to feel safe and to be in an environment where health and safety is paramount. Click here to read our Health & Safety Policy

At YogaPebbles we believe that a child, young person or family should never experience abuse of any kind. We aim to promote a positive, supportive and secure environment where children feel valued. We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people and to keep them safe. We know the procedures and the person responsible for safeguarding, including how and where to keep appropriate records. We are committed to practising in a way that protects all children and young people. We know the importance of confidentiality but also are aware at times, that there has to be “respectful uncertainty”. Click here to read our Safeguarding Policy