What is yoga?

Yoga dates back to around 5000BC and is a form of exercise for the body and mind like no other! It combines movement and making shapes with the body (postures or asanas), breath practices (pranayama), meditation, and relaxation techniques – all of which can be practised anywhere, anytime! Yoga brings about an awareness of your body and your mind.

The benefits of yoga are extensive.

  • It can help with sleep, digestion, and relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.
  • It provides children and their families with the opportunity to express their own ideas in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • It helps families explore emotions and ways to understand and manage these.
  • It encourages participants to be active.
  • It helps children learn about their bodies and how they work.
  • It links to other school curriculum areas to foster a love of learning.
  • It increases opportunities for children and their families to co-operate and become more aware of each other needs.
  • It allows time for communication and reflection.
  • It helps children to recognise achievements in themselves and others.
  • It encourages a love of yoga from an early age and fosters a sense of ‘self’, and an ability to tune into our own well-being.

Can I do yoga?

Yes! Yoga is for everybody and every body! All postures and movement can be adapted and supported in class.

Expect to have fun, learn about YOUR body in YOUR own way, whilst being guided through a class. All YogaPebbles’ classes are inclusive and based around a body-centered model. I will help you to listen to your body in your way.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, repetitive stress injuries (like carpal tunnel syndrome), arthritis, bursitis, or osteoporosis, you’re bound to benefit from taking a yoga class. Do let me know your health concerns prior to class and make sure you complete a medical suitability questionnaire on arrival at your first class.

PLEASE NOTE: If you suffer from any severe or unusual medical conditions (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, a previous head/neurological injury, a high-risk pregnancy, etc), please take responsibility for your body and seek permission from your GP before embarking on any new exercise programme.

Absolutely not. Yoga can help you release tension held within the body, and practising within your own comfort zones can help you learn to release a little deeper each time you come to class. Over time, your body will start to remember these new ways of moving and you may find you develop more range of motion and therefore flexibility. However, flexibility is not the only or ultimate goal.

How do I get ready for my first class?

You or your child can attend a drop-in class for half price. Then a block of classes are booked in advance.

Lots of movement, songs, games, partner postures, mindfulness games, breath practices and relaxation. In other words, lots of FUN!

Anything that feels comfortable and lets you move around a lot. Layers are best, as body temperatures can fluctuate during a class. Please practice in bare feet or yoga socks with grips.

It is advisable to bring your own mat, for hygiene (and so you can practice at home) –although spares will always be available. A warm, soft blanket may help you feel more relaxed at the end of class too.

Please let me know at the start of class (or email me beforehand if possible), and we can discuss the suitability of the class for you and whether any adaptations would benefit you.

To join me in an online class, simply:

  1. Download Zoom on your device (tablet, phone, PC or laptop). You do not need a Zoom account, and you do not need to pay for an account – but you will need to download, sign up, and log in to use the app.
  2. Message or email me for the secure URL and Password.
  3. Type these in 10 minutes before the class and once I have checked all participants, I will let you in.

Security is very important to me and these Zoom classes are safe and secure, with links for entry only emailed out to known current or ex-YogaPebbles’ students.

How do I book a class?

Please send me an email message through the contact page or via any of my other social media channels at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Or call 07905 624353

You or your child can attend a drop-in class for half price. Then a block of classes are booked in advance. Classes are £6.50 for a child’s class (£8 drop-in) or £8 for an adult class (£9 drop in). Classes are booked in blocks of six-weeks and can be paid through BACS or cash. Concession rates are available and are offered to those in need of financial support. Please contact me to discuss options.  

Yes. There are drop-in sessions each week, subject to availability. Please enquire before attending a class.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer any refunds or reduced booking fees due to illness, appointment clashes, work or  other family commitments. Drop-in rates are available if there is a need to have some flexibility with your bookings. Workshops or private 1-1 sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable due to the popularity of these types of classes.

Unfortunately not. I cannot offer any transfers to a later class in the block due to missed classes for work, family, appointments, or illness.

Do you provide yoga for additional needs?

The answer is yes! Please contact me prior to class so we can discuss the suitability of yoga for you, and find you the right class. At YogaPebbles, our philosophy is ‘Yoga for all!’ and we welcome ALL students. With my background in SEN teaching, I am certain that you will find that you too can do yoga!