Why yoga for children?


Here at YogaPebbles, everyone is welcome and my Children’s Classes are always energetic, engaging and tailored to meet the needs of all who attend. Along the way, we learn signs, stories, games and songs, and have so much fun exploring our minds and the way our bodies move!

Each class is themed and follows a structure. It introduces children to the shapes (or asanas) they can make in their bodies. It looks at breathing (or pranayama) techniques that can be used when life gets a little too much. And finally, it includes relaxation and meditation tools to tap into both on and off our mats!

Yoga benefits the whole child and supports their emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and social development, while helping them to understand themselves and the world around them a little better.

All of my classes are fully inclusive, but I also offer one-to-one, or family sessions in the home, for those needing that little extra support. This is also a great way to be introduced to yoga in a safe and secure environment, if a child is not quite ready to join one of my weekly classes in the community.